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Former First Lady Is Latest Accuser Of Assault Against Cosby

Cosby Suffers Major Setback As Much Respected Former First Lady Joins Over 20 Other Accusers Of Sexual Assault


Published December 4, 2014


Just when it seemed things could not get any worse for Bill Cosby, they apparently did.  The identity of his latest accuser – former first lady Barbara Bush – might be the deathblow to Cosby’s reputation.  Even before Ms. Bush came forward, the women accusing Bill Cosby of sexual assault had vaulted over the 20 mark.  With the emergence of Mrs. Bush, many of Cosby’s best fans are beginning to doubt the purity of “America’s dad.”  Mrs. Bush stands as one of America’s most respected and popular women.  

On Tuesday, Mrs. Bush disclosed on her official website that in 1969 a young TV star and standout comedian, Bill Cosby, allegedly drugged her and possibly raped her. “Mr. Cosby was helping us with a fundraiser to restore a number of lovely Georgian homes in the D. C. area,” said Mrs. Bush. “Mr. Cosby seemed very gracious with his time and entertained over 100 donors at the event.”

Following the event, Mrs. Bush recalls being invited to Cosby’s dressing room.  “I went to his dressing room at his suggestion because I wanted to thank him and ask if perhaps he wished to make a small donation with a part of his fee,” she said. “He answered something like ‘money is tight when you’ve got three kids but maybe I can thank you with a drink.”  Mrs. Bush noted that drinking alcohol was a common form of socializing among her circles in this period.

“I really thought nothing of it, and when it tasted awful I figured maybe it was some sort of specialty soul drink that was making the rounds,” she said.  To avoid offending Cosby, she drank the whole drink.

The next thing Mrs. Bush remembers is waking in her car with her clothes disheveled, her girdle missing and a dried discharge between her legs.  “I recently had been diagnosed with Krohn’s Disease, so I figured I must have passed out due to the disease,” she said.  “I never told anyone about the discharge because frankly after having my boys nothing surprised me anymore when it comes to that area.”  Still, the experience stuck in her mind for 45 years.

The former president Bush also issued a statement on his website on Tuesday standing by his wife of 63 years. “I fully and uncategorically support Barbara and her coming forward with this very personal story.”

Cosby's attorney, Martin L. Singer, discounted the charges.  “I take nothing away from Mrs. Bush's services to her country, but these charges are patently ridiculous,” he said.