Hurricane Irma Exposes Cable News Networks

CNN and other cable news networks found that the worst Hurricane Irma devastation was not in Florida but in a worse place: their credibility.  After convincing the nation that Irma would devour the entire state of Florida, the hurricane fizzled in the Caribbean and left the hysterical media red-faced.  [More] 


Houston Mayor Orders Residents to Flush More

In an executive order that conflicts with conventional wisdom and modern environmental ethics, Houston Mayor orders residents to flush their toilets more to help clear out floodwaters.  [More]



The Top Ten Complaints About Uber and Lyft

With more and more people relying on so-called ride sharing provided by powerhouses Uber and Lyft, not all is perfect in the world.  The LBT's resident curmudgeon Charles C. Schultz sounds off on his top ten complaints.  [More]


The Expert: Rumored Autistic Barron Trump Shakes D.C. To Its Core

Barron Trump, the 11-year-old son of the president, arrived in D.C. wearing a now famous T-shirt bearing the message “The Expert.”  D.C. watchers claim that this message was not a mere accident.  Barron may be bringing a powerful, far-right influence into the West Wing.  [More]



Fault Lines Forming In Jason Collins' Coming Out Party As Source Alleges "Gay Fraud"


An inside source claims that Collins is not gay -- with former Stanford teammates of Collins backing him up.

Some major fault lines have formed in Jason Collins’ story of heroism.  Of course, Jason Collins is the 7-foot center for the Washington Wizards that with much fanfare and praise recently announced his homosexuality to the world.  Now an anonymous but credible associate of Collins asserts that Collins’ announcement is all a ruse designed to buy Collins more time in the NBA – and a multi-million dollar contract.

According to the source – dubbed “Deepthroat” by the sports media – Collins came up with the idea to “come out” in 2010 after watching a 2001 French farce co-starring Gerard Depardieu titled “The Closet.”  In the film, a bland accountant working in a rubber factory learns of his eminent firing.  To prevent it, he announces he is gay.  He saves his job and, even better, the world is now at his feet praising him and showing understanding.

“He would hook up with the skankiest [women] after games...”

In a 30-minute interview, Deepthroat said that the film had a major impact on Collins who is in financial distress and has been struggling to maintain a place in the NBA.  Collins told Deepthroat that if he pretended to come out of the closet, he could extend his playing career by as many as three seasons.  Moreover, it could open the window to endorsement and speaking opportunities that could outlast his career.

Deepthroat said that he never believed that his friend would go through with the plan.  Primarily, said Deepthroat, emulating a character in a foreign comedy film seemed too outlandish and inconsistent with his past to be credible.  “He would hook up with the skankiest [women] after games, so I didn’t think anyone would buy it if he tried it,” said Deepthroat.

Indeed, Collins maintained a serious girlfriend – fellow Stanford basketball athlete Carolyn Moos – for eight years and even was engaged to marry her before he cancelled their wedding in 2009.  There is no indication that their relationship did not include heterosexual intercourse.  At the same time, neither Collins nor his representatives can point to any history of a boyfriend, and no gay men have come forward to back Collins’ claim.

Three Stanford teammates of Collins – all speaking on condition of anonymity – said that they witnessed Collins kiss and go home with at least 50 women during his Stanford career.

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