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Local Santa Marino Online Dater Has No Fear Of Not Finding A Husband In Time To Have Children

Published August 2, 2012




They say that the institute of marriage is non-disparagable – or so the old song goes.  Local 39-year-old Santa Marino online dater Jenny Barrett does not disagree with this assessment and, indeed, she “[d]efinitely” wants to have children with a husband one day.  That is, if you believe her dating profile.  So why does she display a diffident smirk in her dating profile photo?  And why does she not fear going childless at her age?

Barrett is one of an estimated millions of American women dating the high-tech way using dating websites.  These websites allow them to select men to date much like selecting potato chips from a vending machine.  For older women, the allure can be intoxicating because a constant stream of emails from suitors can bring back that feeling of desirability that left them around the time that going braless started to seem like the theme of a science fiction movie.

The danger comes when they have too much fun dating, refuse to settle for “Mr. Nice Guy” and their fertile eggs start to dwindle to a dozen or so.  Unlike at the grocery store, there ain’t more where these came from.  Yet too few of these women realize their time is running out.

Once Barrett hits 40 years of age, the odds that she will marry a man and bear a healthy child are less than her being struck by a meteorite – while unicycling.

“I refuse to settle,” say Barrett as she sips her soy latte from her small Santa Monica balcony overlooking a dog run.  “I know I will meet the right guy eventually and do the family thing but for now I’m exploring.”  The odds indicate otherwise.  Once Barrett hits 40 years of age, the odds that she will marry a man and bear a healthy child are less than her being struck by a meteorite – while unicycling.

Local men seem to be either tired of chasing Barrett or, alternatively, had their fling with her.  “She let me buy her an expensive meal and then did not return my calls,” said a spurned suitor that wished to remain anonymous.  Another area man, Max Dean, said Barrett was good for a quick thrill.  “She still has a nice ass and decent features even if I would never date her,” said Dean.  He slept with her on their second date and did not opt to ask her on a third.

Barrett would not comment on Dean, but said that she likes guys with a bad boy edge.  “I need someone that is confident but not cocky and who can be a ‘bad boy.’”

Like many women, Barrett’s hunt continues but each month that passes her goal becomes more elusive.