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Houston Mayor Orders Residents to Flush More

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Dermatologist To Wade/James: Cut Out The PEDs To Save Your Skin


June 12, 2012

The Oklahoma City Thunder might have a new and unlikely ally in their corner – Dwyane Wade’s and Lebron James’ dermatologist Kenneth R. Becker, M.D.  According to Dr. Becker, he has told them both to “cut out the Primobalon, cut out the Tetrahydrogestrinone.”  In English, this means “cut out the steroids.”

In an in depth interview yesterday, Dr. Becker said he has lost patience with his star patients.  He believes their acne has gotten out of control due to steroid use, and he wants to put a stop to it.  “I told them time and again to stop the steroids, but they continue to ask me to stop the acne,” said Becker.  “No dermatologist in the world can stop steroids from causing acne.”

Although popping zits might be the source of much comedy, acne itself is no laughing matter.  Acne strikes 25 million Americans per year.  Severe acne can cause permanent scarring and social anxiety.  For those with most severe acne cases, the disease can even lead to suicide.

Neither Wade nor James is known to have had acne during their teen years, and adult onset acne is almost always due to drug or dietary issues.  Apparently due to their use of performance enhancing drugs (or “PEDs”), however, they are now adult acne sufferers. 

I said to Dwyane, ‘I need to know as your doctor, so if the answer is yes, just blink once.’”

Dr. Becker said that he suspected PEDs, and his suspicion was all but confirmed during recent appointments.  “I said to Dwyane, ‘I need to know as your doctor, so if the answer is yes, just blink once.’”  Wade blinked once.  So did Lebron the next week at his office visit.  “I put them on antibiotics and Tretinoine [Retin-A], but it’s not enough until they stop,” said Becker.

Becker hopes that by making a public plea for them stop using PEDs, his appeals will carry more weight.  “I go to the mat for my patients,” said Becker.  “Some might question my publicizing this as a breach of the patient-doctor privilege, but I’m putting their health first.”  Indeed, the California Medical Board has indicated that it will issue a letter of inquiry to Dr. Becker.

For Miami Heat fans, in this rare case clear skin could make their NBA championship prospects murkier.