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Privacy Policy

Last Updated on December 7, 2011

This Privacy Policy discloses the privacy practices for The Lightly Braised Turnip newspaper (including the global edition, The LBTChina edition and LBTLatino! edition) our mobile messaging services, Web sites and other applications (collectively referred to as the “LBT”).


By visiting LBT on the internet, you have implicity given consent for the installing of LBTBotCam.exe (“BotCam”).  If you are reading this Privacy Policy, BotCam already is installed on your computer's hard disk.  BotCam is a proprietary software program that activates the internal cameras on laptops and tablet computers.  BotCam thereon records what appears in the camera and transmits these moving images to LBT’s storage servers. 

Through this Privacy Policy and your past and current use of LBT's materials, you hereby grant and have granted LBT exclusive use and full ownership of any BotCam recordings – including but not limited to recordings of yourself, your minor children and your invitees.  LBT reserves the right to assign its rights to BotCam moving images to third-parties for either private or public display.

Partial nudity, full nudity or lewd acts recorded by BotCam remain the property of LBT, and LBT’s rights with respect to these images remain in full effect.

Removal of LBTBotCam.exe

BotCam can be removed from your computer's hard disk drive via proprietary software owned by BotCamCleanup, LLC ("BCC").  BCC has no affilitation with LBT whatsoever but may or may not share common ownership with LBT.  To use BCC's services, visit