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Lebron James On His Way To Golden State To Form NBA's First Super-Super-Team

The Cavs Superstar and Hometown Favorite Is Fed Up With Losing to a Warriors Team That Will Never Be Beaten and Wants to Match Jordan/Bryant Title Count


Published June 14, 2017



OAKLAND, Calif. – In September 2014, when LeBron James was preparing for his first training camp with the Cleveland Cavaliers since leaving for Miami four years earlier, he said he would never leave again.  Based on a private discussion between James and 2017 MVP Kevin Durant immediately following the game, James’ promise is called into question.

Three seasons, three Finals, one championship and a lot of history after returning to Cleveland, James is nearing a crossroads, maybe the last of his illustrious career.  According to a reliable source close to both James and Durant, the two are plotting the creation of the NBA’s first super-super-team.  This would involve James going to the Warriors for the 2018 season.

After next season, James will be a free agent at the age of 33.  According to the source, James is not tolerating anymore losing efforts and is ready to jump ship to Golden State.

“Man, Kev had it figured out,” James said privately after the lost in game five of the NBA finals.  “I’m outta here next season,” James allegedly said. “Mama didn’t raise no fool.”

James will also gauge his legacy if he continues playing for a team that cannot best the Golden State Warriors in a best of seven series.

“Kevin [Durant] took an ‘if you can’t beat them join ‘em’ approach,” said NBA analyst Kevin Berg.  “It looks like Lebron wants to try to catch Kobe’s and Michael’s title count before he’s through and this means going to Golden State.”

Obviously, James figures the Warriors, with a core of Kevin Durant, Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson and Draymond Green, are headed back to the Finals.  With James added to the frontline and playing more of a post position, he can extend his career and rake in multiple titles.

According to ESPN, as James and Kyrie Irving left the court after Game 5 ended and embraced in the tunnel, he told Irving: “We’ll be back, me and you. We'll be back.”  Privately, Irving has told friends that he knows that James will jump ship as soon as the opportunity presents itself – probably to Golden State.

James played perhaps his finest Finals, becoming the first player in history to average a triple double in the championship round (33.6 points, 12.0 rebounds and 10.0 assists).  If the best player in the world playing at his best level could not beat the Warriors, who can?

If James opts out of his contract after next season, he could demand a five-year, $209 million contract from Cleveland.  No other team could pay him that much money, although James’ priorities might be shifting from salary to other priorities.

In addition to more NBA titles, James sees Silicon Valley as a prime bastion for multiplying his estimated $100 million net worth.  “There’s all kinds of apps and things Lebron wants to get into,” said his business manager, Carter Mavericks.  Many believe that James might move to either Los Angeles franchise because of his entertainment interests.  Mavericks says that James has his sights set on silicon.  “Lebron sees the world in ones and zeros, just like a program,” he said.  “James is like the Terminator, looking for prey opportunities in the Bay Area.”

James has already been to seven consecutive Finals, but could only beat the Warriors without Durant and with a hobbled Steph Curry.  Can he ever beat them?  His best option might be joining them.