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Amesworth: The #MeToo Movement Has Gone Too Far and Has Scared Off the Hot Guys I want Hitting on Me

While the Latest Social Justice Movement Has Scared Off the Creepos, Those Cute Guys that Used to Approach Lonely (But Amazing) Women Need to Be Encouraged Again to Start the Flirty Conversations


Published January 14, 2018


I’m pro the #MeToo movement.  I even have a #MeToo t-shirt I have worn to work.  Each night I love reading articles about another creepy old man getting taken down after years of abusing women.  Sometimes I feel like we have finally entered a new era and the days of even a year ago are like ancient history.  Today I can be at a meeting alone with a guy, and he knows that if he acts inappropriately he will be fired – and maybe worse.  At my company, the HR office has been simply buzzing with activity.  Men are signing up for voluntary diversity training refresher courses.

But…  (there is always a “but”)…  something more needs to be said about the #MeToo Movement because right now there is a big misunderstanding.  This whole deal was never intended to apply to hot, young guys.  We need to spell this out, because I’ve met half of my boyfriends at work and the sexy vibe at my workplace has changed.  I can think of one guy in particular that I would completely date.  We used to have flirty exchanges in the break room, and now he positively avoids me.  Was that the intent of all this?  To drive away all the cuties?  Being free of harassment should not force women to be free of romance... or even a little dirty fun. 

Let’s get this straight.  Women don’t want to be harassed by gross guys, but we most definitely have a right to be approached by sexy guys that are appropriate for us in the looks and achievement departments.

Look at all the guys that have been busted the last few months.  Harvey Weinstein?  Yuck.  Fat, old, hairy (I could go on).  Charlie Rose?  Gross.  Like, maybe 50 years ago.  Saggy arms.  Saggy… everything.  R. Kelly?  He’s OK, but I don’t date black guys.  [That isn’t racist.  It’s just my preference.]  Ben Affleck?  He’s looked good in some things, but he was much cuter 10 years ago and is not even an A-list celebrity today if he ever was.

These are the type of guys we want to stop bugging us!  Not Mason when he wears his v-neck blue sweater with skinny jeans on casual Fridays and makes his bean and cheese burrito in the microwave while I'm getting my chai tea refill.

So where do we start to fix this big mess?  Well, how about this article?  Hey, guys!  You reading this!  If you’re hot, keep talking to us girls and please do flirt with us.  If you’re a creepo, don’t even start.  After all, you will never change our minds.  Women never do.

Another answer to this confusion is to reform our laws.  Approaching women and flirting with them – and even proposing a sexual encounter – should not be discouraged if the guy is hot.  (I know my mom might be reading this, but I know at least two girls that have had sex in the bathroom at my workplace and both had an amazing time and have not regretted it.  I know who the guy was (same guy), and he is dreamy.)  But if the guy is cringe worthy – as in too old, too fat, too short, too low achievement or just gross – then by all means this should be illegal.

Ladies, we will get through all this, but we need to make sure we rid the world of sexual harassment without depriving ourselves of our sex.

Ashley Amesworth is a The LBT featured columnist focusing on women's issues and the Millennial generation.  She prides herself as a strong, independent woman.  On weekends, she loves Sunday-Fundays and shopping with her Maltese, Hillary.