At LBT on occasion we make errors in our reporting.  On most occasions, such errors go unnoticed and do not adversely affect anyone.  In this event, we do not make any correction.  If someone brings an error to our attention the choice of whether to acknowledge such error is taken from us.  Please note the below corrections.

February 27: With regard to a guest column submitted by Pres. Barack Obama [Story here] we have learned that the author of the column was not, in fact, the president. We regret the error.

January 15: In a story about Sen Lindsey Graham being part of a fantasy gay plantation sex slave ring [Story here] we have learned that no lawsuit has been filed as described in the article. Accordingly, we question the accuracy of the rest of the facts in the story and are conducting an investigation.

August 22: In a story about the alleged beheading and survival of journalist Adam M. Barr [Story here] it has come to our attention that no hospital in Heidelberg, Germany is taking credit for the reattachment of Adam M. Barr's head.  Until the reattachment procedure can be confirmed, all facts in the story concerning Adam M. Barr should be considered preliminary.

July 10: In an article in the Sports section titled “NBA Star Dwyane Wade To Leap Into Motion Pictures In Chipmunks Feature Film” the article cited Wade’s jaw line as a major draw for the producers of Chipmunks III: Chipmunk Dreams.  Story here.  Wade superagent Stan Palatine insists that Wade’s acting performance at a private script reading was the “only reason” for his casting.

August 8: In an article in the Sports section titled “Jennings And May-Treanor No Longer Cute Enough To Make The Cut” the issue of Jennings and May-Treanor's appearance and negative impact on volleyball was discussed.  Story here.  The graphic with the story identified a trucker tattoo on Misty May-Treanor's left shoulder as an appearance issue. It should have been noted that Treanor also has a prominent tramp stamp along with a trucker tattoo on her right shoulder.

December 7: The LBT received a cease and desist letter from attorneys for Gabby Giffords and Mark Kelly relating to the story “Kelly Files For Divorce Against Giffords.”  A copy of the letter may be viewed by clicking below:


In response, a special committee was formed to investigate the accuracy of the article and concluded that most or all of the facts in the article were inaccurate. Ms. Mabry has told The LBT's editors that the story was intended to be a satire.  Story here.  The committee has recommended that Ms. Mabry be censured.  The Editors are considering whether a censure is appropriate.