Hurricane Irma Exposes Cable News Networks

CNN and other cable news networks found that the worst Hurricane Irma devastation was not in Florida but in a worse place: their credibility.  After convincing the nation that Irma would devour the entire state of Florida, the hurricane fizzled in the Caribbean and left the hysterical media red-faced.  [More] 


Houston Mayor Orders Residents to Flush More

In an executive order that conflicts with conventional wisdom and modern environmental ethics, Houston Mayor orders residents to flush their toilets more to help clear out floodwaters.  [More]



The Top Ten Complaints About Uber and Lyft

With more and more people relying on so-called ride sharing provided by powerhouses Uber and Lyft, not all is perfect in the world.  The LBT's resident curmudgeon Charles C. Schultz sounds off on his top ten complaints.  [More]


The Expert: Rumored Autistic Barron Trump Shakes D.C. To Its Core

Barron Trump, the 11-year-old son of the president, arrived in D.C. wearing a now famous T-shirt bearing the message “The Expert.”  D.C. watchers claim that this message was not a mere accident.  Barron may be bringing a powerful, far-right influence into the West Wing.  [More]



Annoying Tech Workers Invade Los Angeles - Page 2

Annoying Tech Workers Flood Into West L.A. And Create Friction With Locals Residents That Are Losing Their Beachside Paradise



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So what do we get in return?  Well, we get nouveau riche, yuppie nerds in huge numbers.  We also get their yuppie families.  Natives of San Francisco complain about the bilious people and entertainment product that Los Angeles spews, so I guess this is payback.  You got us good, San Francisco.

Maybe I should have known what was coming.  About two years I was at my former espresso shop – a hole in the wall two blocks from the beach.  I was forced to drink my latte with my back to an annoying corporate female type.  She was yammering in her cell phone about two feet from my ear about some corporate intrigue about attending a retreat somewhere – who was going and who sent an offending email to whom.  I told her she was being rude and to cut it out or take her call somewhere else.  She did but without apology or acknowledging that I had even spoken to her.  Non-techies might as well not exist.  Another non-techie in this small space could not help but overhear.  She told me that she “liked my style.”  I know I’m not alone.

In the old days, Venice was where we found sanctuary from such petty corporate crap.  At worst, at coffee joints and cafes you would overhear people talk about their movie project.  At least these were creative people taking risks in their lives.  And the entertainment industry has a certain egalitarianism to it, unlike tech.  In entertainment, anyone can become famous or find success even without fancy degrees.  But we will never join the techies, and they are too timid to embrace the (waning) character of Venice and Santa Monica.

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