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“Facing Front” Genital Stimulation In Area Athletic Club Jacuzzis Ruffles Feathers And Spurs Calls For Action

November 25, 2012

For many in Santa Marino the gym is a place of sanctuary as well as health.  Far too often in recent years, it has served as a place for the sexual release of indiscreet members. 

In higher end fitness clubs certain members have discovered that sexual release may be obtained by “facing front.”  Facing front means using the Jacuzzi while facing the water jets and positioning oneself so that water hits the pleasure area of the genitalia.

The USACA (or United States Athletic Club Association) reports a ten-fold increase in discipline or ejection of members for stimulation using Jacuzzi jets.  Usually other members report the activity, which is most often commited by males.  Club managers, however, are hesitant to intervene.  “It is a touchy situation because how can you know that members are 'facing front'?” said Equinoxx Santa Marino manager Jules Morgenstern.  “If I accuse someone and they are innocent, how does that make them feel?”  Morgenstern said that Equinoxx is considering signage requesting although not mandating that members refrain from “facing front” when using the Jacuzzi.

 We politely tell members that at our club they must face away from the jets for purposes of privacy and cleanliness.

In August the Spectra Club–Santa Marino closed its Jacuzzi for sterilization after a member spotted male ejaculate floating in the Jacuzzi.  The member suspected of “facing front” was questioned but not disciplined.  The members in the Jacuzzi at the time filed a class action lawsuit against the Spectra Club that resulted in a confidential, out of court settlement.  The suit sought $2 million in emotional distress damages.

As part of the settlement, however, the Spectra Club most must intervene when members face front.  “We politely tell members that at our club they must face away from the jets for purposes of privacy and cleanliness.”

The USACA has no established guidelines for facing front, but its president Gordy Goldbaum said they are coming soon.  “When I see someone at my own club facing front, I don’t use the Jacuzzi,” said Goldbaum.  “It’s not fair, and clubs need to act to stop it.”

Santa Marino fitness trainer and male health advocate Marty Steinberg said self-stimulation has its place.  “Self-stimulation is important and can even be incorporated into your workout,” said steinberg.  “But for a number of reasons it does not belong anywhere in the gym.”